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Community Service
Be "Nothing But Love"

Let all that you do be done with love...

1 Corinthians 16:14

By delivering expressions of love, B Love Foundation, Inc. will cultivate a universal awareness of love. Love is the most powerful weapon known to man. There is no defense for true agape…unconditional love.


God uses time to manifest daily decision making opportunities for His children. Each day we are blessed with 1440 minutes to invest into the well being of others and ourselves. The objective is to be safe and not unsafe, positive instead of negative, good and not bad, follow God and never Satan, and above all, ALWAYS EXPRESS NOTHING BUT LOVE!

True acceptance of the gift of love imparts an internal obligation to share spiritual love with others through service and community involvement. 

Love Never Fails

1 Corinthians 13:8

Our Mission

A Better World Through Service

B Love so under-represented citizens in transition can:

  1. Experience cultural, academic, interpersonal, athletic, and career enrichment

  2. Obtain behavioral and occupational empowerment

  3. Gain access to resources and supportive services

What We Envision

We believe that our vision for the global community can and will be realized. We want to help those in transition by empowering them to become self-sufficient and employable. Through BLFI, we expect to positively impact society. Change cannot occur without growth and society can not grow without changing.


Join our outreach community and discover the power of change. Regardless of our social economic circumstances, our race, our gender or religious beliefs...we are more resourceful as people than we are as a person.


Start spreading love today in your community!

B Love's Roots and Foundation
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