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Be love…in everything, be nothing but love!

What We Do

B Love Foundation, Inc. ("BLFI") is a faith-based, community-oriented, charitable organization.  Our outreach services provide:

  • Turnkey environmental, health, and safety program development

  • Career coaching and counseling

  • Academic and athletic enrichment for youth, as well as, additional personal and interpersonal development

  • Occupational empowerment training for Veterans and under-represented citizens, both adults and youth, in transition


   Our nonprofit organization focuses on providing enrichment to transitioning youth and adults. We work on many exciting initiatives and outreach campaigns to improve the lives of others by providing offerings of love.

We invite you to join the challenge and "be love first " in everything you do!

How can we help you? We offer free safety assessments and new customer discounts.

Here's how you can help us. Become a Training Sponsor. Donate Now!


"Where There Is Love...There Is Life."

Help Us Change The World

Make an Impact

Partnerships with the private, public and philanthropic community is vital to the success and overall effectiveness of our organizational outreach.  Through various fundraising activities, event showcases, youth enrichment programs, outreach consultation, behavioral services and entertainment endeavors; BLFI aspires to procure the financial  and volunteer support necessary to achieve our outreach objectives and support the outreach efforts of other charitable organizations.

Three generations of women
B Love Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 291521
Nashville, TN 37229


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